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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the most common causes of fires on campus?

The most common causes of fires on the campus are improperly discarded smoking materials, use of electrical equipment in poor condition, and improper handling or storage of chemicals.


How do I report a fire or other emergency on campus?

To report an emergency, call the Unit Standby Krisis, UiTM Shah Alam at 03-55444444

When should I pull the fire alarm?

If you see or smell smoke or see a fire in a building, you should pull the fire alarm. As you are evacuating pull the nearest alarm. This will send a signal to the fire alarm panel indicating that area and allowing the fire department to more efficiently find that area. Once safely outside of the building, call Unit Standby Krisis, UiTM Shah Alam at 03-55444444.

Can the fire alarm be pull for anything other than fire or seeing or smelling smoke?

If immediate evacuation of the building is needed due to a chemical spill, structural collapse, or other event requiring immediate evacuation is necessary, pulling the alarm is acceptable. Confirm the accident with Unit Standby Krisis, UiTM Shah Alam at 03-55444444 and explain the nature of the emergency once safely outside the building.


Where are the assembly point for FKE ?

The assembly point can be seen Here.


Why can’t I store items in the corridor or hallway?

The storage of items in corridors or hallways is not permitted by FKE UiTM. When items are stored in these spaces, they provide a potential hazard in the event of an emergency where occupants are attempting to exit the building. The corridors and hallways are also to remain free of items due to fire load. These exit routes are designed with limited fire load and by adding items to this area this increases the fire load and can make for a more devastating incident.


Why can’t I prop open our stairwell door?

Stairwell doors are designed to be in the closed position. Stairwell doors provided a smoke and fire barrier. The stairwell door has a fire rating which protects the stairwell, as long as the doors are shut. The stairwell will act like a chimney if smoke enters, allowing the smoke to travel vertically to the upper floor. At no time should wooden chocks, brick, or other items be used to prop open a stairwell door.


What is the University’s fire response plan?

The University’s fire response plan is best summarized Here


Why is Fire Safety and Evacuation training required annually?

The UiTM Occupational Health and Safety Administration mandates annual fire safety and evacuation training. The employer must provide training on emergency action plans and portable fire extinguishers.


Should I try to fight the fire?

If you are trained, comfortable and willing, have a charged fire extinguisher of the proper type, have an unobstructed escape route and the fire is not spreading beyond the immediate area it is safe to fight the fire. Your safety is number one.


How do I know if an extinguisher is okay to use?

UiTM checks on fire extinguishers on annual basis.

How do I use a fire extinguisher?

To operate a fire extinguisher, remember, the acronym PASS Here. Once you have the proper type of extinguisher in hand. Pull the in by breaking the safety seal, Aim the nozzle or horn at the base of the fire, Squeeze the handle down allowing the contents of the extinguisher to flow out, and use a Sweeping motion with the nozzle or horn along the base of the fire. Continue until the fire is out or until the extinguisher is fully discharged. If necessary retrieve additional extinguishers. Remember your safety is number one.

Who do I call if I use or find a used fire extinguisher?

If you use a fire extinguisher or see an extinguisher that is not charged or is damaged, call the contact on the back of the attached extinguisher tag. Each extinguisher tag has a list of contacts on it. Call the one with the box checked and report the location and type of extinguisher. Also you may report to OSH FKE


What will set a sprinkler head off?

Sprinkler heads are designed so that at a specific temperature the glass bulb of the sprinkler head with break and allow the water to flow out of the head. Although they are designed to go off for this reason, sometimes bumping them will break the glass as well. The glass component is fragile. When working near the heads, keep a close eye on moving around them. A simple bump could be enough to set them off. Unlike the movies, only the sprinkler head activated will go off, not an entire room.


What are hazardous materials?

Hazardous materials are substances or materials that the Secretary of Transportation has determined to be capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property when transported in commerce. Examples of hazardous materials include laboratory reagents, pool chemicals, lubricating oils, paint, batteries, infectious substances, dry ice, and hazardous/radioactive wastes.


What do I need to know when walking on and off campus?

When walking to any off-campus destination, please remember that the University campuses are located in a major urban area with heavy vehicular traffic. If you are crossing the highway, always use the designated crosswalks located at the intersections.

What should I do if i get sick at night?

You should contact Unit Standby krisis UiTM Shah Alam at (03-55444444) or the Residence Life Staff member on duty if they live in the residence halls. The duty phone numbers for each hall are posted in each building.


Who has the responsibility to make sure everyone works safely?

It is the responsibility of everyone to make sure that work is safely undertaken. The Faculty have a responsibility to provide the resources, instruction and training necessary to enable their workers to work safely and in a manner that does not endanger others.

Where are fire extinguishers located on campus?

1) In the corridors of academic and office buildings and inside very large rooms

2) In or immediately outside of all laboratories where chemicals are stored or used.

3) In or immediately outside mechanical spaces where equipment is present that might cause a fire.

4) In storage buildings and mounted inside certain University vehicles

5) If you cannot find the fire extinguisher in your area, contact OSH FKE at (03-55436021).


Where can I get a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)?

You can download it from Here.

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